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The Policies & Procedures of Family Christian Academy have been established by the Board of Directors and apply to those families whose children are enrolled in Family Christian Academy.

It is the opinion of the Board of Directors that these policies and procedures are fair and just.

Each family enrolled in Family Christian Academy acknowledges its responsibility to FCA as well as its obligation to fulfill the policies and procedures as stated herein. Please read these policies thoroughly. Parents are required to sign and agree to policies and procedures as part of the application process.

Society rightly holds Christians to a higher standard of behavior than it does non-Christians. Family Christian Academy, like most Christian schools, expects its families to display Christian values in the community in which they live.

The attitude of the Board is not one of legalism but rather an expectation of responsible compliance with reasonable standards. Such an attitude allows for grace but also enforces just consequences when violations occur.

FCA is not racially discriminatory and does not exclude families from enrollment in its programs and activities based on race, gender, nationality, or ethnic origin. However, because the school is a religious organization, the Board of Directors does reserve the right to discriminate in areas of religious beliefs and affiliations. Consequently, the school is not obligated to accept those who may not meet admission requirements.

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