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FCA’s Apprentice Program gives students a good academic background while also preparing them for real-life employment. The Apprentice program will jumpstart your student’s career and give them the opportunity to have a two-year head start in the workplace. With one foot planted in the workplace, your student will recognize the value and importance of classroom learning and how these skills are critical to your student’s daily life. Some students do not plan to finish a college degree, and for those students, obtaining valuable workforce skills is more important than college-prep classes. The Apprenticeship program is also a good option for those who are unable to continue in traditional high school, yet still need a high school diploma.

Apprenticeship is a traditional and time-honored approach to job training. The goal is to allow a student to enter the world of work and learn specific skills, offered by the job, that enhance the student’s classroom experience. For many people, textbook and traditional learning do not occur until real life situations and examples open a door for a student to explore new levels of learning. An example might be that some students do not understand the importance of writing skills until their boss or a friend asks them to write a letter. When a student realizes he does not have the necessary skills to advance, a reason has now been presented for the student to learn a skill, the mind becomes fertile soil where seeds of learning can grow. Many adults today will admit that their first job experiences were much more valuable to them than the advanced high school courses they were required to take. This is because traditional high school curricula do not devote time to teaching a student practical skills that are necessary to becoming a successful worker.

FCA’s Apprentice Program gives students entering the workforce an appropriate knowledge base, skill set and valuable experience in specific fields. The student’s employment is supplemented with practical academics that allow the student to graduate in one or two years. The Apprentice program is designed to produce a confident and responsible adult, with the self-awareness, life and job skills, work experience, and diploma needed to jumpstart a career and begin a successful, independent life. The best part for the student is they get to work in the field of their choosing.

Placement in the program begins with extensive aptitude and occupational testing. Monthly evaluations give parents and students important feedback on the student’s progress. Classes are held two evenings per week at our on-campus location. Student’s may also take classes online, however students taking the program online, without campus participation, are required to supplement some classes that require a live, on campus teacher. This is a 12-24 month program. Upon completion of this fast-track program, students receive a high school diploma and are ready to enter the workforce full-time, or technical school. If the student chooses to attend college, he or she may do so by taking remedial classes for certain academic courses. Fees for this program may be paid in part or in full by student job earnings.

All courses listed above are offered for Apprentice Students attending on campus. Student’s taking the program on-line are required to supplement some classes that require a live, on campus teacher and are not available via computer. Classes include: Personal Finance (½), Typing (½), Driver’s Education (½), Creative & Essay Writing (1), and Computer Lab (1). These 3 ½ credits may be supplemented by having students take PE (1), Music (1), Computer Lab (1), or other home education courses in which parents supervise and report Attendance & Progress (form K-N).

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