Home educating families in the 21st century now have the benefit of online education. FCA provides a complete online academy for our families. If there is one constant in learning it’s that every child learns differently. To meet the needs of each individual, we have to meet them where they are, which requires flexibility and structure. FCA Online provides both!

Within the curriculum, there is a structured flow and focus, but there is also plenty of room for individualization. To begin this program, students are given a placement test, and courses are highly individualized and tailored to the student’s needs. Advance Placement courses are available.

Family Christian Academy provides everything you need to give your child a quality, Christian education online! This program is innovative, interactive and individualized. It provides your student with a state-of-the-art, multimedia-rich, interactive learning experience.

FCA Online students receive daily assignments from their online teacher. After mastering assignments, students are tested on the material. Most lessons, quizzes and tests are graded automatically, and an online teacher responds to all requests for help, grades, essays and reports. Response time is usually 24 hours or less. Isn’t it nice to know whether you’re right or wrong right away? A help button is there for every question, and students can get help from one of our expert teachers. Parents simply check the student’s online home page to determine if lessons have been completed and to view grades and progress.

This is an invaluable program that prevents parents from being intimidated by those hard high school subjects or spending a lot of time completing lesson plans and grading! Our online teachers answer all those hard questions for you!

With FCA’s Online Academy you and your student will receive ongoing support. More importantly we will provide your student with a Christ-centered, college-prep education.


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