Founded in 1990, Family Christian Academy continues strong with its mission to “Strengthen Families and America’s future through Christ-Centered Home Education.” Our program is based on over 20 years of research and experience. We are dedicated to helping parents reclaim responsibility for every aspect of their children’s upbringing, especially their children’s education.
Home education promotes creativity for parents and a love of learning for children. We believe parents love their children and are a gift from God. For this reason, parents are best suited to teach, guide and discipline them.

Home education has been tested and found to be a huge success. Research now shows that, on average, children who are home educated actually perform better than their public or private school counterparts. This is not surprising since tutoring has always been recognized to be the best method of education.

There are many excellent reasons for choosing to teach your children at home. It is our belief that parent-directed education will:

  • Connect all of learning with the truth of Scriptures and give your child a true, unified view of the world, instead of learning bits and pieces of different subjects.
  • Provide time and flexibility to explore God-given interest and talents.
  • Allows you to personally build your child’s self-confidence and develop mature social skills.
  • Promotes family unity and constantly builds the all-important relationships with parents and siblings.
  • Allows you to educate without peer pressure and destructive temptations.
  • Allows you to guide your child at his or her own pace, making sure each step is fully mastered.

Family Christian Academy has graduated thousands of students over the years and we exist to help your family step by step through the home education journey. Our services include requesting records from your child’s previous school, guiding you through placement testing and helping you choose the best curriculum for your family’s needs. To further enrich and complete your home educating experience, FCA provides Fine Arts Friday classes, Tutoring services, Online Academy, Homeschool Tutorial classes for K-12th grade students and we host several field trips throughout the year.

Members of FCA receive a 10% discount on books and curricula sold through FCA’s on-campus or online bookstores, and FCA teachers pay no sales tax on their academic purchases. At every point along the way, we are just a phone call or mouse click away. We are here to make your home educating experience a great success!

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