Why Choose FCA

FCA now offers one on one tutoring in all academic subjects from K-12th grade. One on one learning with the help of a professional will help to reestablish your child’s confidence and skill level.

Often times, students struggle with a particular subject because of learning gaps. This causes them to become disillusioned with the whole subject all together. At FCA, students rediscover the joy of learning with our unique approach to tutoring.

First, students are given a placement test to determine their core knowledge skills then an individual, customized learning plan is developed to meet the student right where they are.

Tutoring sessions are generally 1-2 hours in length. Recommendations for length of time are provided after the placement test is administered. Tutoring is available both online and on campus.

Students attending tutoring sessions on campus are also given online teacher support for homework.

Parents are given a consistent schedule to meet at the same time each day of the week. Two month minimum required.

Call to an appointment for testing at: 615.847.3999


Registration $50 (no fee for FCA members)
Placement Testing $125
Curriculum Fee – $100 per subject
Tutoring $35 per hour, billed monthly (Ex: 2 1-hour sessions per wk = $280)
Online Tutoring $100 per month per subject

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