Fine Arts Friday

Discover the possibilities offered in FCA’s Fine Arts Friday program. This program was designed for PreK–12th grade students and offers a variety of classes that are most fun to learn in small groups. Home educated students benefit from regular learning opportunities with a familiar group of people who have the same interest. Your student will thrive within a caring environment that celebrates and honors each child’s potential.

We provide classes in art basics, drawing, photography, creative writing, music, culinary arts, computer layout and design, sewing, quilting, literature, and much more. We also provide diverse specialized classes such as foreign language, driver’s education, financial peace, home economics, literature, kid’s science, and more. We teach the skills children need to bring creativity and diversity into their adult lives.

Do you want your child to have more opportunities, explore interest and develop abilities in art, music, literature, foreign language? Now, with the class options made available to you with the FCA Fine Arts program, you can give your child all of this and more in one place! Just think of it as a break for mom and a day off for the kids. You no longer have to drive all over town for various classes. FCA’s Fine Arts Friday program offers great classes all day long at the same location!

Maybe, your children love home education but they really are social learners and a sibling or occasional park day or special interest class doesn’t meet the need. FCA’s Fine Arts Friday students look forward to Fine Arts Friday as their special day with their friends and wonderful teachers.

Perhaps you want your student to have a class that you don’t feel qualified to teach like music, photography or Spanish. At FCA, we are here to support you in this great mission to give your children the learning opportunities you feel will enhance their education.

Classes are very interactive, hands-on and small group style, usually 12 students or less. Classes are organized into primary (PreK-2), elementary (3-5), middle school (6-8) and high school (9-12) levels, and are held each Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm. Students are able to attend a half or full day.

PreK-5th grade students are offered six (6) one hour classes on the full day schedule or three (3) one hour classes if attending half day.

6th-12th grade students are offered three (3) two hour classes on the full day schedule or one (1) two hour class if attending half day.

The teaching staff at FCA is a dedicated group of highly qualified, wonderful teachers who have a genuine love for children and home education. We invite families interested in this program to call the school office to set up a day to be our guest on campus.

Fine Arts Friday Extension classes are offered from 3:30-5:30. Class options include: Praise Dance (K-12th), Band (4th-12th), Drama (9th-12), Jr. Drama (6th-12th), Guitar (6th -12th), Guitar Jr. (1st-5th), Keyboarding (6th-12th), Keyboarding Jr. (1st-5th), Band (6th-12th).

The fee for these classes varies, please contact the office for pricing and availability.

K-5th grade students are given a specific schedule, while 6th-12th grade students have several class choices. Please indicate on enrollment papers which classes your student would like to take.

Sem 1: indicates classes will be offered for 1st Semester, Sept through Mid Jan, Sem 2: indicates classes will be offered for 2nd Semester, Mid Jan through May

Classes are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Schedule is subject to change without notice. Minimum number of students required in order for class to be offered.

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